Turku European Capital of Culture 2011

Turku in Finland is the European Capital of Culture 2011 concurrently with Tallinn in Estonia. The Turku 2011 Foundation has been commissioned by the City of Turku to oversee the implementation of the Capital of Culture year. The activities of this rather unique and open Capital of Culture year are highly motivated by our desire to further develop our city.

The main goals for Turku 2011 are well-being; internationalism; and the commercial export of creative enterprise and culture. The activities will be based on a wide definition of culture with the emphasis on the culinary arts, exercise and well-being, science and multicultural encounters and, of course, the creative arts.

The Turku 2011 Foundation is responsible for managing the Capital of Culture programme and for coordinating long-term national and international productions that support the goals of the Turku Capital of Culture. By 2016, Turku will be a city with a strong foundation in art and science and will be the creative hub of the Baltic Cooperation.