Traveling With Music: Throat song

Mongolian and Tuvan throat song

The Central Asian singing technique khoomei, in the West called throat singing or overtone singing, has during the last fifteen years become known worldwide, evoking admiration, amazement and interest everywhere. What is it all about? Morten Abildsnes will demonstrate throat song, discuss its origins and play records from major artists of the genre.

The event will take place on 4th October at 6 p.m. on the Stage of the music department, situated on the 2nd floor of the old Main Library buildning. Free entrance.


at 18:00

Traveling with Music: Finnish-Swedish drinking songs

 ”Helan går”: Finnish-Swedish drinking songs performed by Brahe Djäknar


at 18:00

The Ferris wheel kick-off

The first turn of the Ferris wheel

Fascinated and curious about familiar and foreign cultures? With the turning of the Ferris wheel, music, dance, and culinary culture will take over the Main Library for one whole day! The kick-off event will take place on 10th September 2011.


at 11:30

Kiasma: Isaac Julien / ARS11

The Kiasma Museum of Contemporary Art will attend Turku 2011 with its own two-part production in cooperation with the Kiasma Foundation. The production showcases two centrepieces of the Kiasma media collection: Eija-Liisa Ahtila’s video installation WHERE IS WHERE? - MISSÄ ON MISSÄ?, 2008 and Isaac Julien’s video installation WESTERN UNION: Small Boats, 2007.


at 11:00

Art in Supermarket

Feed your appetite for culture!

In the beginning of the summer 2011, an everyday shopping routine might turn into an art experience. Turku based artist Jouna Karsi (b. 1980) has created a set of sculptures, which will be exhibited among other sale articles in the Prisma-markets / Turun Osuuskauppa.


at 15:00

Animation screenings and artist presentations

Animations by members of Animation Crank Handle and artist presentations on Friday, 9 December, 4pm–7pm in Turku Art Museum.  Free admission!

The screening includes the following animations:


at 16:00

Animation screenings and artist presentations

Animations by the Turku Anikists will be featured at the Turku Art Museum on two Fridays, 6 May and 20 May, from 4pm to 7pm. In addition to their collective projects, such as English Lessons (2008) and Turku Anikists (2007), the screenings will also include older works by the anikists. Also the animation directors will talk about their animations and their work (in Finnish). Free admission.


at 16:00
at 16:00

Matinpäivä torstaina 24.2. ilmainen sisäänpääsy Aboa Vetus & Ars Nova -museoon!

Matinpäivä torstaina 24.2. klo 11-19 Aboa Vetus & Ars Novassa

Tervetuloa kurkistamaan kulisseihin! Matinpäivänä museo tarjoaa opastettuja kierroksia, joilla museon henkilökunta kierrättää vielä keskeneräisessä Rihmasto-näyttelyssä.Tunnin mittaiset kierrokset alkavat klo 12, 14 ja 16. Tervetuloa katselemaan ja kyselemään näyttelystä, joka avataan maaliskuun 18. päivänä.

Thu 24.02.2011 - at 11:00 - at 19:00

Bike tuning workshops

You can for example:

Do small painting work, make a bike basket and decorate with stickers, textiles and reflectors.

No entrance fee. Sign up at latest three days beforehand for workshops.

anne.myllyaho(a)valonia.fi or 050 406 3647.

The workshops are:

la-su 29.-30.1. at 10-16 Linnan Paja, Ilpoinen

la 5.3. at 11-15 Turun Ekotori, Nummi.

ke-to 9.-10.3. at 16-21. Linnan Paja, Ilpoinen.

la-su 12.-13.3. at 10-16. Majanummen toimitalo, Varissuo.

la-su 2.-3.4. at 10-16. Recykkeli, Leaf Center, Kärsämäki.


at 10:00
at 11:00
at 16:00
at 16:00
at 10:00
at 10:00
at 10:00

Loisto Big Bands 2011: European Jazz Orchestra

28 April: Loisto Big Bands 2011: European Jazz Orchestra (Turku Jazz and YLE)

Big Band featuring musicians selected by EBU jazz producers performing in Sigyn Hall

The concert is part of the series of 15 individual concerts will be produced in cooperation with nine music festivals operating in western Finland. Part of the concert ticket revenues will be donated to protecting the Finnish Archipelago. 



at 19:00