Turku & Tallinn – Partners in culture and history

Never before have concurrent Capitals of Culture been as close to each other in terms of geographical distance, culture, values or history.

The Capital of Culture year is a unique opportunity for both cities to present their culture, history and future, as well as the centuries-long cooperation in the Baltic Sea region.

Bonding Baltic Sea

For centuries, both cities have been national gateways to the world via the Baltic Sea. The basis of the cooperation between Turku and Tallinn is in the Baltic Sea, which is seen both as a challenge and an opportunity. The goals shared by both cities include:

  • raising awareness about the Baltic Sea region
  • highlighting the cultures of both countries
  • increasing well-being
  • improving urban spaces
  • developing the activities of the creative industries, and
  • developing long-term cooperation.

With these goals, the cities are involved in developing the cultural dimension of the EU strategy for the Baltic Sea. In addition, Turku takes an active role in protecting the Baltic Sea.

Joined programmes

Cities with similar historical and cultural backgrounds also work together during the year 2011.

Turku and Tallinn, Themed Itinerary Series

2011 sees Tallinn & Turku share the title of European Capital of Culture. This series of themed cultural itineraries presents new ideas to combine these two dynamic destinations from both sides of the Baltic Sea (pdf files):

Getting from Turku to Tallinn and back