Final report

The final report of the Turku 2011 Foundation about the realisation of the Capital of Culture year 2011 is now complete.

Turku used most of the largest investments on the cultural programme.

Of the overall finances (2008-2012) of €55.5 million for Turku’s year as European Capital of Culture, a total of 65% was used for the cultural programme and activities supporting it. This share is a little larger than the average for European Capitals of Culture.

The total amount invested in cultural content comes to light in the final report for the project compiled by the Turku 2011 Foundation. This report contains all the key financial figures concerning the preparation, implementation and follow-up work for the Capital of Culture year, as well as numbers of spectators and performers. 

The 70-page report covers the whole almost ten-year span of the project, from its early preparation all the way to post-project follow-up activity. The report was published in Turku on Monday 18 June 2012.

Final report in flash format

Final report in pdf format