Alvilda, the beautiful daughter of a gothic king, leads a plundering group of fierce women warriors on the Gothic seas. Alfo, the son of the King of Dania, falls in love with this new kind of female warrior and asks for her hand in marriage. After he is turned down, Alfo tries to come up with any possible means of conquering Alvilda. As the story unfolds, the audiences can expect comedy, incredible plot twists, stunning stupidity and disastrous misunderstandings. The experience will conclude with a grand wedding celebration Anno Domini set in the Turku Castle.

Performed at the actual setting in the courtyard of Turku Castle for the very first time, the opera will be full of burning love, repressed emotions and passionate longing. Riku Pelo and Teppo Lampela, playing the sons of the King of Dania, will become tame in the hands of Alvilda, played by Mari Palo, and Gilde, played by Kaisa Ranta. Music, dance and theatre will come together in this enchanting performance.

The music will be performed by the Finnish Baroque Orchestra conducted by Anssi Mattila. The opera is directed by Ville Sandqvist and produced by the Oopperakammari Association in cooperation with Kulttuuridynamo and the University of Turku.
The performance will be held in Italian and Finnish.

  • 5 August: Premiere
  • 7, 9, 11–13 & 16–17 August 9pm: Other performances, Turku Castle courtyard


  • Ticket prices: 65 euros,  with S-etukortti card 58 euros (max 4tickets/card)

Notice: the show is held outdoors and the stand is not covered.



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