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University of Turku/Department of Physics and Astronomy
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Sabrina Mansicalco

The International Science Day (ISD) is an international seminar of science and art which combines the cutting edge of quantum physics research with art in a rare way. ISD will bring to Turku top researchers from the esteemed TED conferences, who will also be representing disciplines other than physics.
During ISD, the audience will experience the premiere of the documentary film ”Inside the light: the mystery of light in quantum physics”, produced in an Italian/French/British/Finnish cooperation. Directed by Italian documentarist Marco Tumbiolo, the documentary is a poetic portrayal of the creation and destruction of light quanta, or photons. The film will invite its audience into two top laboratories, at the University of Sussex in Brighton, where experiments on quantum internet are performed, and at the École Normale Supérieure research institute in Paris where, in 2009, the first observations were made of the birth and death of a single photon. After the premier of the documentary film professor Wolfgang Lange from Brighton and professor Serge Haroche from Paris (the Heads of the research groups that made the discoveries) will elaborate on the findings.
The ISD afternoon session will contain captivating presentations by the TED speakers, with themes such as ”The Magical Language of Science” and ”The Method of Science”. The overall purpose of the ISD seminar is to offer to as many participants as possible, access to the beautiful, yet hidden world of quantum physics and science. Behind the arrangements for the day is Italian quantum physicist Dr Sabrina Maniscalco, from the Turku Centre for Quantum Physics of the University of Turku.
The seminar is realised by the University of Turku, Heriot-Watt University, Edinburgh (UK), École Normale Supérieure, Paris (France) and the University of Sussex, Brighton (UK), and it is sponsored by the Finnish Cultural Foundation (Science Workshop on Entanglement).

5 June: Logomo, the seminar is held in English
Free admission