Blackmarket by Hannah Hurtzig (Mobile Academy, Berlin) is a temporary production and showroom in which narrative formats of knowledge mediation will be tried out and presented. 50 individual tables will be occupied by experts that include natural scientists, craftsmen, artists and philosophers. They will be invited to offer a portion of their knowledge that can be told, received, misunderstood or agreed with.

The experts for the evening will be found and met during a research process lasting approximately 3 months. During these months, local knowledge will be collected and accumulated for an encyclopaedia which will serve as script and timeline for the Blackmarket installation.

The audience will be able to book an expert and his or her offer of knowledge for a half-hour for just €1 and to acquire this knowledge or ability in a mutual dialogue. Alternatively, the audience can take headphones and listen to the expert conversations on the Black Radio channels. In this way, an illusional community college will be produced in which knowledge and non-knowledge will change ownership in a non-institutional way. The transfer of knowledge as a communicative and performative act will become a collectively whispered story of knowledge on this night.

The Blackmarket for Knowledge and Non-Knowledge installation is created anew in each city with a different thematic focus and local experts. It has already taken place successfully in 13 cities, including Berlin, Warsaw, Tel Aviv, Istanbul, Liverpool, Graz, Vienna and Dresden. A growing online sound-archive is being created at

20 October: Turku Volunteer Fire Brigade building



Thu 20.10.2011, at 18:00 - at 22:33
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