With the Live 2011 Grand Prix media art competition, Turku 2011 challenged top artists and new emerging talents from all over the world to deliver media art and novel media applications. The competition resulted in a selection of innovative and insightful works that will be extensively showcased in urban spaces, at various exhibitions and media events and online.

With the media art competition, Turku 2011 wants to highlight the ever-growing field of digital and social media and to support promising talents in their efforts. Live 2011 Grand Prix included eight categories, such as free expression, interactive works, games and new services for online communities and emphasised innovative creativity. Top entries for the Culture 2.0 category included an application for electronic newspapers, Paper.li (SmallRivers, Switzerland) and a mobile video streaming service Mobile Live Video Mixer (Bambuser, Sweden/Finland).

Two video artworks share the first place for the Open category, which focused on personal and artistic viewpoints: Synchronisation (by Rimas Sakalauskas, Lithuania) and Westcoast (by Ulu Braun, Germany).

Altogether, over 300 entries were submitted. An international jury selected the winners for each category.

Competition results are available online.



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