Performances and concerts at Logomo

On Tuesday 22 November, 2011 the new Logomo Hall opened with the premiere of the Eerik XIV opera.

The main entrance to the performance venue is located on the railway side of the Logomo building. The restaurant can be accessed via the same entrance. The taxi stand is next to the main entrance.

Buses may take passengers next to the main entrance and then move to the bus parking spaces on the other side of the building. The pedestrian route to the main entrance is past the Hall A exhibition entrance and on to the railway-side end of the building.

Parking spaces are available for slightly more than 200 cars between Logomo and Köydenpunojankatu and on the bus station side of the building. Additional parking spaces are available for certain events, such as the Eerik XIV opera, at the end of Köydenpunojankatu next to Koulukatu, in the cargo station parking area, from which the audience is transported to Logomo by bus.

For performances and concerts, people are recommended to arrive early and use public transport or come to Logomo on foot, via the pedestrian bridge next to the railway station for example.

Logomo Hall

Before the performances and concerts were staged in Hall C.

 Hall C