If journeying out to the islands to enjoy the clear Autumn waters - perhaps sailing or diving - check out further information on all the works.

Tea Mäkipää Northbound
Many of the works will cease to exist after the exhibition

You can still make it to Contemporary Art Archipelago

The animal rescue boat has paused on its ongoing journey Northbound for another week in Turku guest harbour (on the river Aura near Föri, by Tea Mäkipää). A number of art works along the Archipelago Road are also braving the elements until the end of September in the Contemporary Art Archipelago (CAA) exhibition.

On a forest walk you can hear Call me Ishmael in Sattmark  by Isokoski, Kiiski and Palmu. In Nauvo Kari Cavén's Godsend offers a natural lighthouse in the gradually shorter days, Sussi Henrikson's Blowing in the Wind may finally capture the brisk winds, while Anna Nyreen's Hold me - Let me go invites you to pause at the bus stops.

In Korpo Pia Rousku's Glass Meadow as well as Sandra Nyberg's ECOntainer echo the changing colours of Autumn. Raqs Media Collective's sculpture More Salt in Your Tears reflects and resists the stormy seas on the way to Houtskär, while letters to Markus in Alfredo Jaar's project guide you out to Utö.

Arja Lehtimäki's Foodscape is also still available at selected restaurants. Archipelago Centre Korpoström is open during the weekends. 

Many of the works will cease to exist after the exhibition, so do take this opportunity to encounter the archipelago landscape with different eyes.


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