Florian Tuercke, who is the artist behind the project URBAN AUDIO, was invited to present his project in Turku by recommendation of the international Jury (Domenico Quaranta, Erkki Huhtamo, Andy Best) of the media-art Grand Prix “live2011” in which the project URBAN AUDIO DeutschlandTour 2010 has received the 3rd prize in the category “digital Turku”.

All recordings from Turku will also be published on www.urban-audio.org/turku.html

Florian Tuercke
What's the sound of the European Capital of Culture?

URBAN AUDIO will turn Turku's sounds to music

The sound-art and experimental music project URBAN AUDIO investigates Turku's musical potential as the European Capital of Culture 2011 during July 7th to 16th. At the same time citizens and visitors can participate in a new quality of perceiving urban space.

In a nine days project, URBAN AUDIO will turn the urban sounds of the Finish town Turku to music. Special stringed instruments transform all ambient sounds to musical tunes. Every noise and sound, every shouting, barking, honking or laughing, and every car passing by will play a tone on the instruments.

The acoustical structure of each situation is the compositional basis for the music that is extracted from urban space. The result mirrors the urban environment as musical abstraction. This music is directly created by the individual decisions, actions and interactions of people in the urban space of Turku.

Everyone is welcome to listen live to the transformation of urban sounds

The URBAN AUDIO van with its mobile recording-studio will be present on different sites in the public space of Turku. Citizens and visitors are invited to listen live to the transformation of urban sounds on headphones and to enjoy the yet unheard acoustical quality of urban space.

The URBAN AUDIO has its basis at Logomo, where the latest recordings from Turku will be presented every evening from 8pm to 10pm.

On the 12th of July there will be an online live-stream of the musical transformation of one urban site in Turku. 8pm – 10 pm www.urban-audio.org

Tuned City Tallinn conference live-streamed to Turku on Sunday July 10th

On the way to Turku, URBAN AUDIO has stopped in Tallinn, for a one-day project as part of Tuned City Tallinn. The recordings from Tallinn will be presented at the opening-event in Turku at Logomo.

The tuned City Tallinn conference with international experts in the field of sound and public space will be live-streamed to Turku, where interested visitors can follow the panel at Logomo.

Tuned City Tallinn is part of Tallinn's European Capital of Culture programme.

All events have free entrance.


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