The Museum Centre of Turku is responsible for the sauna steam. Please bring your own swimsuit and a towel. People are asked to wear swimsuits in the saunas.

Additional information:

Sauna Obscura is a floating sauna where the landscape outside the sauna is projected on to the walls.
The art saunas are open 1 June–31 August 2011

Tickets to Art Saunas are now for sale

Four artists have been invited to design and build experimental art saunas, which are also open to the public during the summer 2011 (meaning they are warm and ready for use). The art saunas bring new dimensions to conventional traditions of sauna-building and Finnish sauna culture and give new ways of experiencing space to the sauna-goers. Reserve your own sauna shifts and enjoy unique chance to bathe in piece of arts around Turku.

How does it feel to take a sauna on a sauna raft floating in the sea, and sit inside a camera at the same time? Or relax in a transparent sauna in the middle of the city, and watch the bustle of the city through the glass walls? You can also enjoy a sauna on the River Aura or in fairytale-like garlic-shaped sauna.

The Hot Cube in the River Aura is a minimalistic sauna made by sculptor Harri Markkula. The visitors can observe life in the water through the lattices of the sauna floor. The sauna is accessed by a small bridge. The outer surface of the wooden and windowless Hot Cube is tarred. The sauna is designed to be a sensory site. The scents of fire, water, wood and tar strengthen the experience of archetypical basic elements. The steam of the ”water-based” sculpture is blissfully soft.

The transparent sauna Solaris-sauna has been designed by the sculptor Hans-Christian Berg and the industrial designer Mika IhanusThe Solaris-sauna offers a new perspective to having a sauna, as the sauna bather can observe the surrounding city while bathing. Nature with its changing lights, rain and storms is strongly present. The sauna also tests the borderlines between private and public spaces. The Solaris-sauna is located in the middle of the city.

The so called Camera Obscura phenomenon occurs on the floating sauna designed by the artist Heidi LunabbaSauna Obscura is a sauna raft where you can have a sauna inside a camera. The summery landscape will be projected on the walls of the sauna and on the skin of the bathers. Instead of storing images for the future generations, Sauna Obscura will produce unique and live pictures for those who are in the sauna. It is possible to experience the sense of a landscape in a new way in the Sauna Obscura.

The garlic-shaped sauna, The Sounding Dome Sauna, designed by Jan-Erik Andersson is imaginative and fairytale-like. The sauna incorporates a soundscape created for it by the American sound artist Shawn Decker. The sauna’s world of sounds changes with the temperature and the humidity – once you throw water on the sauna stove, the sauna’s world of sounds will change. The sounds will emerge from the ”tops” of the garlic.

Tickets: Lippupiste and the museums

It is possible to make reservations for private sauna shifts and for single common sauna shifts. Tickets for private sauna shifts are purchased in advance via Lippupiste online services and the tickets sale points in Finland. One sauna shift lasts 50 minutes – it is also possible to buy several shifts.

Private sauna shifts to

  • Solaris sauna and Sauna Obscura 100 € (+possible handling charges), a maximum of 10 persons/shift
  • Hot Cube 60 € (+possible handling charges), a maximum of 2-4 persons/shift
    It is also possible to purchase single tickets to common sauna shifts (Solaris sauna and Sauna Obscura). Single tickets for common sauna shifts can be bought at the Museum Centre of Turku’s museums during the opening hours of the ticket offices. Tickets 10 € / 6 € /person.

Tickets to the Garlic-shaped sauna at Kupittaa Outdoor Swimming Pool Area Ticket Office

The Sounding Dome Sauna will be located in the historical Kupittaa Park in the outdoor swimming pool area. Ticket sale for The Sounding Dome Sauna at Kupittaa Outdoor Swimming Pool Area (1 June–21 August 2011 during the opening hours of the Ticket Office). As the visitors buy a ticket for both swimming and sauna, they can have a sauna during their visit at the Kupittaa Outdoor Swimming Pool Area, assuming there is space enough in the sauna. Open to all sauna ticket holders.

  • Sauna and swimming pool ticket in total 10 € / 7 € / 6,50 € /person
  • Advance tickets are not available


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