The antspotting routes will be open 1 May – 31 August 2011.

The six-legged city-dwellers of Turku selected their routes

The antspotting routes for the summer 2011 are selected. Two of the routes will be located in field: in Ruissalo Island and in Mälikkälä district. The third route will be virtual, accessible from the web page of Antspotting project

The antspotting route in Ruissalo will be located in the eastern part of the island, close to the Tammenterho Nature Centre. Along with observing incredible ants, you can enjoy the unique nature conservation area. In the mid of the route there is cosy picnic place with a table.

A great diversity of ant species thrives along the forested route of Mälikkälä. There can be a big carpenter ant marching on the track, and a tiny acorn ant may hide behind a needle. The route is easily accessible from the Länsikeskus shopping centre.

At the virtual route you can explore ants living in different parts of Turku easily via internet. There will be photographs and information about the things important to ants. In addition, during the summer 2011, video clips about the everyday life and feast of ants will be added to the virtual route.

The antspotting routes will be open 1 May – 31 August 2011.

Photo: Tarja Eskelinen