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Only a Game? exhibition puts the ball on the spot

An interactive exhibition for the entire family set in Logomo, Turku, explores Europe’s passionate relationship with football and the heart and soul of the sport. The experiential exhibition space invites visitors from 16 January onwards, remaining open for the entire Capital of Culture year.

The Turku exhibition will be opened by the French UEFA President Michel Platini, one of the most famous football players in the world.

Produced by the Union of European Football Associations (UEFA), this is an exhibition for the entire family which will immerse visitors in the emotional surge of football and present the most prestigious awards and memorabilia from the last five decades, brought together with breathtaking images from major matches in Europe. The exhibition is free of charge.

"Exhibition items will include the jerseys for Spaniard Cecs Fàbregas and Brazilian Kaka and the national shirts for European countries. And, you are even allowed to touch the memorabilia," says Olivier Guilbaud, Director for the Belgian design company Album that implements the exhibition.

At the exhibition, the visitors can leave the spectator stand behind and engage in the action with various video games and iPad applications for the entire family. The interactive features will not be limited to games, however; you can also take your time to read, sit down or discuss the sport with others.

"We are extremely happy to have the UEFA exhibition in Turku. We believe that the decision was affected by our great relationship toward UEFA management, the success of local Turku teams, and the fact that the city received praise as one of the hosts for women’s European Championship games in 2009," rejoices Turku Mayor Aleksi Randell.

The exhibition emphasises the importance of exercise culture, offers a great attraction for entire families and realises the Capital of Culture goal of reaching new audiences.

"The exhibition communicates Turku 2011’s wide interpretation of culture. It is a great honour for Finnish and Turku football to host the UEFA exhibition in Turku, especially with a setup designed just for this venue," comments Suvi Innilä, Programme Director for the Turku 2011 Foundation.

A renewed version of the exhibition is shown in Turku. Previously, the exhibition has been displayed in Brussels, Liverpool and Istanbul. Junior football will add local flavour to the exhibition, something that Finland wants to emphasise.

"I look forward to bringing the exhibition to Turku. Here you can truly sense the joy of playing the game and the know-how and tradition in working with juniors," explains Olivier Guilbaud.

Only a Game? exhibition
16 January-18 December 2011 | Logomo | Köydenpunojankatu 14 | Turku
Free admission