ISD is proud to present the premiere of Quantum Circus on 17.8.

Performances in Logomo between 17.-22.8.

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Science and Art come together once more in Logomo!

ISD is proud to present the premiere of Quantum Circus on 17.8.

If you enjoyed the mix of Art and Science of the International Science Day, be sure to also check out Quantum Circus, our other project for Turku 2011 Culture Capital year!

Quantum Circus is a collaboration between a group of physicists from the University of Turku - the people behind the International Science Day - second year circus students from Turku Arts Academy and a mix of creative professionals. It was born out of a crazy, creative idea of Dr. Sabrina Maniscalco, researcher from Turku Center for Quantum Physics and Davide Giovanzana, actor and theatre director, who shared a vision that quantum physics is best shared to wide audiences through art.

The show had been created during three workshops where the physicists and artists come together to share ideas and to turn quantum physics into something that anyone can enjoy and understand. Quantum Circus takes the passion and drive of scientists, along side the artistry and skill of circus performers and creates a unique and stunningly visual show where atoms walk along tight ropes, states teleport from trampoline to acrobat, and a mysterious ultracool cowboy wants to know: is the cat alive or dead?

Quantum Circus does not explain quantum physics. Instead, it takes the audience through a metaphysical landscape, showing glimpses of the mystery and paradoxes of quantum physics, of the frustration of searching for the unseeable and of the thrill of discovery and understanding. We also visit the elusive world of atoms. What are they? How do they look like? Can you even see these objects that are incomprehensibly small and so strange that they can be in two places at the same time and fly through walls?

In the words of Dr. Maniscalco: "We would like to share quantum physics, at least some ideas of quantum physics, because they are incredibly beautiful. And that’s precisely the purpose of this project, where we ask circus artists to be our instruments, using their bodies to show the imperceptible. In this way we hope that, even if partial and incomplete and approximate, an idea of the the beautiful and mysterious behavior of the fundamental constituents of matter and energy will be transmitted to you, a glimpse of the the beauty of the Universe. We hope you’ll have a feeling of the passion that drives the research of scientists who spend their life trying to unveil Nature’s secrets. And also, perhaps, you’ll feel the excitement of the scientific discovery, the pay you get for all the disciplined thinking and hard work."

So let’s start our adventure in the wonderful world of atoms, photons and circus!

The show is partly in Finnish, partly in English and subtitled in both languages throughout.


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