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Guided tour enriches the exhibition visit

The extremely popular guided tours to Fire! Fire! -exhibition are still available!

How does the blacksmith create objects from iron? Who is the man sitting in the drawing room of a Turku home in Tiirikkalankatu street? Many questions may arise while you are visiting the exhibition and at that point a guided tour is worth considering. The experienced guides of Fire! Fire! have plenty of information on the variety of themes included in the exhibition, and they are happy to share this information with you.

Our visitors often comment that they have seen the exhibition in a new light after a guided tour. When you have a diversity of things to see and experience, you can easily miss something. While listening to the guide, you might find many interesting details from the exhibition, and sometimes the smal land unnoticeable details can be the most memorable.

Fire! Fire! is a great destination for groups, and there are several guided tours available by reservation. The basic tour lasts one hour, and it takes the group to the fascinating world of fire, where fire shows its best and worst sides. The exhibitions in Logomo are accessible to disabled visitors and other special groups.

For school groups there are specific tours to Fire! Fire! -exhibition that are both inspiring and educational. The tours are linked to curriculum and they are planned together with the Teacher training institution of University of Turku. These tours vivify the content of school year and prove that it can be fun to visit exhibitions.

For companies and work communities we recommend the Burn out? -tour. During the tour participants get to playfully compete with each other and practice teamwork skills. The tour lasts 1,5 hours.

Of course you are free to enjoy the exhibition by yourself at your own pace, but on a guided tour you get the most out of the exhibition!

Teksti: Sinikka Kostiainen-Kiiveri
Kuva: Maiju Oikarinen


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