Dance performances:

Friday 2.9. klo 10.30 & 17 and

Saturday 3.9. klo 13 & 15


According to choreographer Satu Tuittila, the effect of the September weather and the conditions on the river will be interesting.

Dancing with the giant eiders again

The new Balancing-performances are the culmination of the environmental art event Flux Aura 2011.

The dance performances that took place on the eiders floating in the river in June are back. Four new performances are arranged because of popular demand. On the first weekend of September five dancers, led by choreographer Satu Tuittila, will climb on the backs of the eiders to balance on the River Aura.

Like the name of the art work – Balancing -  implies, the performance contemplates the relationship between human beings and nature. The eiders, made by visual artist Reima Nurmikko, bring us a message from the Baltic Sea, which is in sore need of action from human beings. According to Tuittila, also the performances on the sea ducks can be seen as a comment for respecting nature and protecting the Baltic Sea.

Dancing on the sleek backs of the eiders brings its own characteristics to the choreography. “The small and rocking platform is a fascinating as well as a challenging basis for the choreography and the dancers,” Tuittila says.

Besides the unsteady dancing platform, also the changes of the currents and water level of the river create a unique challenge for the dancers. According to the choreographer, the effect of the September weather and the conditions on the river will be interesting. Just like the River Aura itself with its currents and eddies, the birds move and turn with the flow of the water. Like the river, the art work is in constant motion, streaming, turning and changing like life and the seasons around us.

The performances take place on the river between the Cathedral Bridge and the Aura Bridge Friday 2.9. at 10.30 & 17.00 and Saturday 3.9. at 13.00 & 15.00.  The performance lasts for approximately 15 minutes, and it is suitable for both children and adults as well. We would especially like to welcome groups of school and preschool children, for whom the performance is great  material for art lessons or environmental education.

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