23 July–14 August
Tue–Wed 2 pm—6 pm | Thu–Sun 1 pm–6 pm | Mon closed
Workshops Tue–Wed noon–2 pm
Kupittaa Park

Colourscape is so popular that waiting is necessary, please take time to wait.

Tickets are sold only at the door. A ticket entitles visiting Colourscape for approximately one hour. All workshops are available for the price of one regular ticket.
Weather conditions permitting (closed during strong wind).

Music of the Spheres performances
22 July at 6 pm and 18 August at 10 pm
River Aura, area between Aura Bridge and Turku Cathedral Bridge
Free admission

Incredible experience comes to Turku

Colourscape brings together colours and music

Colourscape, the largest colour labyrinth in the world, has now arrived to Kupittaa Park, Turku. Arriving from England, this gigantic network of spheres is part of the Turku Capital of Culture programme. During its three-week stay, audiences will get to enjoy an incredible world of colours, music and workshops. Colourscape will open to the public on 23 July, and it will remain open all the way until 14 August from Tuesdays to Sundays.

Now making its Nordic debut, Colourscape is a labyrinth of one hundred colourful spheres that bend light to create unique colour-saturated experiences. The network of spheres is dubbed “Festival One” and is the largest such structure in the world, taking over nearly half a hectare of space in the park. When you are inside, you can explore the spheres and listen to music performances, for example. The Turku Colourscape Festival is produced by Eye Music Trust (UK), which specialises in creating various audiovisual experiences and presenting music and art in novel and fascinating ways.

Rare experiences inside the labyrinth

The Colourscape network of spheres provides a unique acoustic environment. The venue will host several small-scale concerts that will extend throughout the gigantic labyrinth. Colourscape artists will be present throughout the visit to perform and lead workshops. Colourscape's director Simon Desorgher specialises in various flutes, Michael Ormiston is one of Europe's top talents in Mongolian overtone singing, and Lawrence Casserley is a master of electronic music and gongs. The group also includes sound technician Matt Saunders.

Various other musicians and groups will also make guest appearances, including saxophonist Evan Parker together with guitarist John Russell, Asian percussion specialist Ansuman Biswas and dancer Sebastian Prantl. The Turku-based Tervakello group, known for its primitive soundscapes, will bring local colour to the artist roster.

The fascinating facilities in Colourscape will provide a unique setting for organising various workshops. Colourscape will also be used to host workshops combining colours and music and colour baths for babies. Colour and music workshops will, for example, allow visitors to seek the true meaning of colours, get to know Mongolian overtone singing, discover the powers of vibration and unveil the connection between sound and music, art and science. The colour bath workshops for babies will study and experience colours as multisensory experiences. Getting to know colours and visual play will follow the baby’s own pace, safely together with the parent.

Music of the Spheres floats along the River Aura

The Eye Music Trust group will also lend its artists to the Music of the Spheres performance on the River Aura. The performances will open and close Colourscape, and they will feature gigantic floating spheres in the River Aura that will engulf the performers inside them.

The evening performance during July will feature a huge, transparent sphere floating in the water, carrying flautist Simon Desorgher, who plays a wonderful concerto along the river. During the Night of the Arts in August, there will be not one, but two spheres. With live audio sampling and mixing, the flautist's music will become a full orchestra of flutes, sending waves of sound to the river banks. The magical nocturnal performance will be further intensified by acrobat Claire Crook performing in the second sphere.

Look at YLE's news about Colourscape (in Finnish)


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