The Culture 2011 Tall Ships Regatta follows this year’s Tall Ships’ Races on the Baltic Sea. The ships sail from Klaipėda, Lithuania, to Turku on 20–25 August. From Turku, the voyage toward Gdynia, Poland, continues on 27 August and ends on 4 September.

Win a sailing experience!

Attend a photography competition with Baltic Sea theme by 27 April

In late August, the Turku Capital of Culture year programme will celebrate The Culture 2011 Tall Ships Regatta. The Turku 2011 Foundation launches a photography competition where three winners will be awarded with an opportunity to sail on the barque Thalassa from Turku to Gdynia between 27 August and 4 September.

The theme for the photography competition is the Baltic Sea: what does the Baltic Sea mean to you and how do you protect it? Register at the Turku 2011 website and upload your photo entry for public voting. All registered visitors can vote for the competition entries submitted.

The competition is at

The three photographers with the most votes will win a unique sailing trip aboard the barque Thalassa from Turku to Gdynia. Dubbed the Sailing Capital of Poland, Gdynia is a modern and lively city and the final destination for The Culture 2011 Tall Ships Regatta.

  • Upload your photographs (max. 3 photos) to the 2011 website by 27 April.
  • Online voting is open until 15 May.
  • Three winners with the most votes will sail on the Thalassa between 27 August and 4 September.

The contestant must hold the copyright for the competition entries. If the photos include recognisable persons, the persons must provide permission for submitting the photographs. The photographs submitted will not be used for marketing purposes.

The sailing trip and the competition require that the participants be at least 15 years of age. In addition, the winners participating in the regatta must have a valid passport, health and liability insurance and bring paper copies of all documents with them.

Mass start toward Gdynia

The Culture 2011 Tall Ships Regatta arrives to Turku from Klaipėda, Lithuania, on 25 August and the ships depart toward Gdynia on 27 August. From Turku, the sailing begins with a spectacular mass start, the Parade of the Sails, where all ships set sail as an armada with thousands of boats and people escorting the ships to the sea.

The barque Thalassa is a 47-metre ship with three masts and 14 sails. Its maximum speed is 13 knots. The ship is run by a crew of four and it carries 36 yachtsmen. The lodging is in two-person cabins equipped with showers. There are nine shared toilets on the ship.

During the sailing, the participants work on the ship in three shifts. The working language is English. The assignments include:

  • taking care of the sails
  • steering the ship
  • cooking
  • cleaning.

As the regatta is also a race, additional work tasks may be assigned between shifts when necessary. For example, in case of a storm, the sails must be quickly lowered and quickly raised again when the weather permits.

Every day, off-duty passengers will be provided with various voluntary activities and possibilities for socialising and enjoying the voyage.

The unique experience will end on the morning following the arrival at 9 am. Everyone is personally responsible for arranging their return back home from Gdynia.


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