Kortskrivare på parken
Kortskrivare på parken

My Best Turku Memory

The Radio Helsinki web site collected some of the best Turku memories during late 2009. Here you can read one of them.

Share your own Turku memories by sending them to turku2011(a)turku2011.fi – title Turku Memory. We will publish some of the memories on this page. You can sign your memory either with your real name or pen name.

In Dialect

Back in the day, we were young and having our first dating experiences. We were on our way to the Ruisrock festival and – of course – it was pouring with rain. On the way, we stopped at the Wiklund department store to get raincoats. We walked up to the counter and simply couldn’t understand a single word of what the cashier was saying. It was like we were abroad!

- Helmi

Wearing a pink Jokapoika Marimekko shirt

I was enjoying my first paid summer vacation in early 2000s and I bought a travelcard that included three train trips across Finland during the summer. One of my destinations was the beautiful, cultural city of Turku.
For a young girl trying to find herself, the city was sunny and beautiful. My small hostel room was bathed in sunlight and so I let my feet lead me through new streets.
I discovered a flea market with a bookstall selling all their books for two euros each. My backpack wound up full of treasures, and I still have those precious books today.
During the same walk through the city, I bought a Marimekko shirt at a real bargain price from the UFF store. I wore my new, outrageously pink, Jokapoika shirt to a local live music venue that some of the local youngsters recommended to me. The venue was an old wooden building, a few blocks off the city centre, local Turku acts TV Resistori and Wojciech were on stage and I remember becoming totally enchanted with the magical music of the bands.
After the heat of the summer day, the evening breeze felt wonderful, as I walked back to my hostel, smiling.

- Mia W