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Logomo – the next step in a long history

The VR engineering workshop is a significant building in terms of cultural history, the cityscape and railway history.

  • Built in 1876, with nine subsequent extensions, the latest of which was in 1979
  • Used as an engineering workshop between 1876 and 2002
  • Total floor space 17,500m2, in building plan 24,000m2

Logomo – The Centre of Culture

Logomo was the main venue for the Capital of Culture year. It is located right next to the Turku city centre and the main railway station. Exhibitions and major performances provided unique experiences throughout the year 2011. The venue also hosted a café and a 2011 shop.

Exhibitions during the year 2012

  • Fire! Fire! open until July 29th
  • Only a Game? open until April 15th
  • In the Only a Game? exhibition premises at Logomo, a large photograph exhibition on the history of Turku will be opened by the end of  April 2012

Logomo's event calendar

Cultural capital year's exhibitions and performances

Köydenpunojankatu 14, Turku

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