The Open category jury of Grand Prix competition has reached a decision.

The Open category received the largest number of works ranging from demoscene projects, music videos and animation to short and feature films, which made judging a true challenge.

After long discussions in which a wide range of opinions were voiced, the Jury was unable to reach a unanimous decision on the winning candidates. The main criteria for the Jury´s decision were the originality and artistic quality of the works.

The Jury decided on a split decision to share the 1st and 2nd prizes between two works:

  • Synchronization by Rimas Sakalauskas, Lithuania (7000 €) and
    Synchronisation is video piece, which skilfully blends bare realism with dreamlike visions resulting in an imaginative and intriguing visual narrative.
  • West Coast by Ulu Braun, Germany (7000€).
    Westcoast  is a video collage, which presents us with a unique perception of our contemporary world. It triggers many associations and opens up possibilities for multiple interpretations.

The 3rd prize (2500 €) goes to RIP – A Remix Manifesto by Brett Gaylor, Canada.

RIP- A Remix Manifesto is a documentary film that confronts the public with an important question of copyright issues in the digital culture and is an interesting point of departure for a wider discussion on this urgent topic.

The Jury decided to give a special "Newcomer prize” (1000€) for

Empty Kitchen by Sampo Siren - with this prize the jury wanted to support and encourage an interesting and experimental work by a young artist. Empty Kitchen is an experimental audiovisual work, which skilfully uses digital tools to transform and augment physical space.

The jury has also decided to distinguish several works in different subcategories.

Honorary mentions (500€) go to the following works: