After considering the works submitted for the Digital Turku category, the Jury selected three outstanding projects dealing with the relationship between media technologies and the urban environment at an exceptional level of quality.

The selected projects demonstrate how media technologies, urban design and digital arts interact with society and explore aspects of urban experience that often go unnoticed within the everyday.

The Jury strongly recommends the three selected works be publicly presented during the Cultural Capital Year, and suggests part of the prize money to be used for the presentation, further development and localization of the awarded works in Turku. 

1st Prize: 15.000 €

Graffiti Analysis, by Evan Roth, USA  is a multidisciplinary collaborative open source project that develops new tools and possibilities for creative, as well as other cultural practices. By focusing on the controversial phenomenon of graffiti writing, it initiates a dialogue about ownership of the public space.

Awarding Graffiti Analysis the first prize, the Jury hopes to support a project that has  great potential for bridging technological innovation, social practices and the value systems of different generations

2nd Prize: 8.000 €

Capacities, by Stanza, UK  gives tangible form to the data streams that originate in the city, turning them into a metaphorical electronic urban landscape. The installation encourages the viewer to reflect on different models of urbanism, bridging the present with a possible future.

As an artist, Stanza illustrates new ways to mediate between the material and the virtual, and creates a fascinating interface to help us know better the place we live in

3rd Prize 7.000 €

Urban Audio, by Florian Tuercke, Germany is a public art project that translates the noise of the city into an evolving musical composition and a growing database of sound, continuing the tradition initiated by John Cage.

The sculptural element of the individual instruments placed in the urban landscape creates a focal point for the passer-by to contextualize the sound.

The artist uses a van as a mobile laboratory and listening station that relocates to different neighborhoods, allowing local people to listen to their surroundings in new and surprising ways.

Honorary Mention

The Jury awards an honorary mention to the project City Sleep Light, by Antoine Schmitt, France for its minimalist but evocative light intervention in the public space.

Jury's Recommendation (500 €)

The Jury recommends the work Café de L'amour, by Yun-Chieh Tsai, Taiwan as an outstanding animation by a young artist, and suggests installing it in a public cafe during the Cultural Capital year.