Jury has decided to award two first prices for the work which both bring out the strengths of the social media, viral information spreading and sense of community according to the competition rules. Both prices (4000 euro each) are granted to the companies in a start up phase and with granting two prices of equal size it wants to encourage companies to develop their early-stage services further in order to enable new innovative 2.0 cultures. Paper.li service emphasizes the content produced by the user’s social network or created from user’s interests and Bambuser’s live mixer brings the democratisation of the content creation a giant step further and enables cultural events to bring out their information accessible to everyone. The original prizemoney in this category was reduced due to the small amount of entries.

Shared 1st Prize (4000 €) - Paper.li by SmallRivers, Switzerland 

 Paper.li is a newspaper of future today. With Paper.li you  create socially personalised  daily news. In a hectic and dynamic word of realtime web it recreates the beaty of the traditional printed media. The service, though in alpha phase, is fully fuctional and has awesome interface. Developers have thought details well and it is well implemented. The addiction comes from the possibility to create, play and explore with information and interests of your social networks and beyond. It even provides serendipity which is rare phenomenon in the social media. Users have possibility to find new information sources they wouldn’t have been able to find in traditional means.

With its few months of operation the service has grown fast using only viral methods and has already grown bigger than some major established media sites. Paper.li shows the news which are prioritized by the people of your network which makes it possible to find relevant current information based on traditional news criteria.

Paper.li utilizes web 2.0 elements and creates new kind of artistic and cultural experience which benefits both the content creators and the public. A good demonstration how an cultural event can use paper.li in its open information spreading is a paper.li paper created of e.g. Transmediale.

Shared 1st Prize (4000 €) –  Mobile Live Video Mixer by Bambuser, Sweden/Finland

Bambuser’s Mobile Live Video Mixer democratises the technology which has previously been available only for a few. The idea for having “a broadcasting bus” in your pocket can revolutionize the content creation by introducing collaborative broadcasting with multi-camera [mobile]video productions. This enables culture 2.0 and creates possibility to offer new kind accessible cultural services for the users.

The content created with the live mixer can be syndicated to other social media services (blogs, web pages and other social media platforms like IRC-Galleria and Facebook) which makes the viral distribution of the information easy and makes it even more accessible. Various possibilities to use the service enable the strengthening of the sense of community through creative means.