The entries had to be browser-based games, new and experimental in terms of their user interface, gameplay, appearance or content.  The winner stood out well, but the rest of the final four were more even. Due to the varying quality of the entries the jury decided to to nominate only two prizes instead of three.

In addition to the prizes jury decided to nominate two honorary mentions to entries which offered entertaining, yet not so artistic or experimental gameplay. Combining games and artistic experience without sacrificing the true nature of game is a challenging task. None of the competitors were able to make it all the way.

1st Prize - 5.000 €

Catnapped by team Catnapped, Denmark

  • Original and very appealing graphics. Especially 3D scenes were exceptionally well    made with distinctive visual style. 
  • Playability was good and and difficulty levels were well adjusted
  • Gameplay was clear and intuitive.
  • Overall quality of the implementation was excellent.

Catnapped is an appealing small game offering visually excellent and well made story driven playing experience. 

2nd Prize - 1.500 €

IsaidIF by LIA, Austria

  • Audiovisually engaging game like application
  • Intuitive user interface
  • Innovative approach
  • Original appearance

IsaidIF is a holistic and meditative audiovisual experience.

Honorary mention

Office Rage by Team 2

  • Well made and entertaining game experince with decent playability
  • Best load screen

Office rage is a well made small game which offers a funny playing experience.

Honorary mention

Don Q by Team 4

  • Don Q utilizes "tower defense" gameplay with a unique way
  • The whole game is well made
  • The visual style is distinctive and well suited

Don Q offers well thought gameplay with well adjusted game mechanics.