VoxAura; the River Sings

Nigel Helyer´s VoxAura; the River Sings is an environmental
and social sound sculpture that provides a way for us to listen to the
social and chemical composition of the Baltic. The sculpture alerts us
to the essential role that the oceans hold in the ultimate control of
our globe's destiny.

VoxAura consists of two sailing vessels, moored either side of Turku's
Theatre Bridge, equipped with speakers which broadcast a soundscape
that evokes the maritime traditions and marine environment of the
Baltic.  The artist has designed a computer system that takes
variables from the water quality data, such as position, depth,
temperature, salinity, turbidity and pH, and uses them as musical
parameters to transform the source audio. This ethereal 'datamusic' is
a metaphor for the chemical composition of the sea.

The soundscape is composed from songs and stories of the people who have lived on this river.
  File 24804

Turku kuuntelee
Thu 04.08.2011, at 18:00 - at 19:00
theater bridge

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