Recording of urban sounds at Linnankatu-Aurakatu

The Urban Audio investigates the musical potential of Turku, the European Capital of Culture 2011, and lets citizens and visitors participate in a new quality of perceiving urban space. 

In a nine days project, Urban Audio will turn the urban sounds of the Finish town Turku to music. Special stringed instruments transform all ambient sounds to musical tunes. Every noise and sound, every shouting, barking, honking or laughing, and every car passing by will play a tone on the instruments.

The Urban Audio van with its mobile recording-studio will be present on different sites in the public space of Turku. Citizens and visitors are invited to listen live to the transformation of urban sounds on headphones and to enjoy the yet unheard acoustical quality of urban space.

The Urban Audio got 3rd prize at Live Grand-Prix contest in October 2010 in the Digital Turku category. This presentation in July is a continuation of that competition.

Live 2011 Grand Prix
Fri 08.07.2011, at 15:00 - at 18:00
Turku City
Market Square
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