Opening of the Contemporary Art Archipelago exhibtion


The official opening of the exhibition Contemporary Art Archipelago (CAA) is held at the Archipelago Centre Korpoström on Saturday 18th June 2011. CAA brings to Turku Archipelago over 20 new art works by international and local artists. The exhibition is the largest contemporary art project in the Turku 2011 European Capital of Culture programme.

Free bus transport is organized between Turku and Korpoström. The art works along the route will be introduced. The bus leaves from Turku at 11am, from outside the Orthodox church by the Turku market square. Return from Korpoström leaves at 6pm.

Further information and registration for the bus transport by Mon 13th June 2011:
Annukka Vähäsöyrinki


Opening programme:

11.15 Seagrass knitting workshop:

part of Elin Wikströms work in collaboration with Christoffer Boström and the marine biologists of Åbo Akademi University. Open for everyone, no prior practice needed. Join in for the whole day or just for a moment!

15-18 Opening:

-The exhibition is officially opened by the director of Turku 2011 foundation Cay Sevón

-Presentation of all the artists and the art works in the exhibition

-Premier: Archipelago Science Fiction (Tellervo Kalleinen, Oliver Kochta-Kalleinen & Henrik Andersson)

-Nomeda & Gediminas Urbonas: tasting of the wireless sheep milk cheese project Uto-Pia

-Mat med vyer (Foodscape) tasters (Arja Lehtimäki & Ravintola Korpoström)


The following art works are also present at Korpoström during the day:

Tea Mäkipää’s rescue boat for animals, Antonia Ringbom’s animations, Renja Leino’s sound archive of stories of the wind, Minerva Cuevas’ alternative mobile network.


Along the bus journey the following art works are presented (approximate times, no stops):

12.00 Sattmark: Merja Isokoski, Hertta Kiiski & Tiina Palmu soundwork

12.30 Prostvik / ferry crossing: Renja Leino soundwork on radio

13.00 Nagu: Kari Caven, Sussi Henrikson, Anna Nyreen sculptures along the road

13.30 Retais, Korpo: Pia Rousku glass installation

13.45 Rumar, Korpo: Sandra Nyberg mobile gallery


The restaurant at Korpoström is open for lunch and dinner.


Contemporary Art Archipelago (CAA)
Sat 18.06.2011 - at

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