Exhibition across the Isles

The exhibition can be experienced from cruise ships as well as small boats, along the roads and virtually, on a remote islet, in the sea, on ferries or on radio waves. The artworks explore questions about the future of the archipelago community and the environment with various artistic means. They may take, for example, the form of an island’s own currency, an alternative map on a ferry, personal stories on the changing climate, cinematic sci-fi visions of the archipelago, underwater gardening or a frail meadow of glass.
CAA weaves connections between the city and the archipelago and reflects on issues specific to Turku Archipelago and the Baltic Sea in relation to elsewhere. Alongside the exhibition, a series of interdisciplinary events and the Archipelago Logic symposium will be organised in Korpo and Turku. CAA is curated by Taru Elfving with the Town of Väståboland as its main organizer.

Contemporary Art Archipelago (CAA)
Sat 18.06.2011 - Fri 30.09.2011
Turku Archipelago

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Programs other events

CAA, Turku Archipelago
Mon 13.09.2010, at 12:00
- Mon 22.11.2010, at 00:00
CAA, Utö
Fri 29.10.2010, at 10:00 - at 16:00
Näyttelyt ja kuvataideTiedetapahtumat, seminaarit ja työpajat
Fri 07.01.2011 - at
Sat 08.01.2011 - at
Tue 11.01.2011 - at
Näyttelyt ja kuvataide
Sat 18.06.2011 - at
Sat 18.06.2011 - at
Sat 18.06.2011 - at
Janne Gröning / Archipelago Photo
Mon 18.07.2011, at 14:00 - at 15:00
Näyttelyt ja kuvataide
CAA, Utö majakka
Fri 05.08.2011, at 10:00 - at 16:00
Tiedetapahtumat, seminaarit ja työpajat