Economy: Nets to the Future
Fri 29.10.2010  at 10.00-16.00
Archipelago Centre Korpoström


What can a living archipelago be like in the future, all year round? How do summer residents and tourists contribute to the local community? What makes the archipelago special as an alternative to urban life? The creative possibilities and forms of community, individuality and livelihoods?


Platforma 9.81 collective of architects tells about the Croatian archipelago, the rapid development of tourism there and the effects this has had on the local community and the environment. The other guest speaker, economist Paavo Järvensivu introduces degrowth-movement, which searches for alternatives for the current economic thinking that recognises only growth as the measure of development and wellbeing. The discussion is moderated by curator Tomas Träskman (YH Novia).


The presentations draw out questions concerning the sustainable development of different modes and means of life in the archipelago. The open discussion focuses, for example, on the themes of nature/culture tourism, mobility and work from home, networks, local food and self-sufficiency. How can the traditional livelihoods merge in with the new forms of economy and the everyday made possible and necessary by the new technologies and the changes in society? How to follow the changing seasonal rhythms? How to keep alive the values attached to the archipelago community and nature?


The event is open for public. Panel in English, the rest of the discussion also in Swedish and Finnish if needed.


Free public transport is organised between Turku and Korpoström. Departure at 7.45 from Turku market square in front of the Orthodox church, arrival back to Turku at about 18.00. The bus can also stop along the Archipelago road.


Registration by Wed 27.10.2010: / 0500 424 063.

Contemporary Art Archipelago (CAA)
Fri 29.10.2010, at 10:00 - at 16:00

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