The Detour - Première in Tallinn

Will the marks of time and history be visible along the route? What will the cities, landscapes, buildings and interiors of apartments have to say about the people of these regions? Where are the memories to be found, what tales will the people have to tell, and how will history be passed onto future generations?

This film is the result of one year of research, interviews and travels around the Gulf of Finland, questioning the memory shared by Finns, Russians and Estonians.

Architects Simon Brunel and Nicolas Pannetier are going on a journey of exploration. The Detour will journey from Turku to St. Petersburg and then onto Tallinn, covering both 2011 Capitals of Culture. During the journey, the architects will put the shared memories and history of Finland, Estonia and Russia under the magnifying glass.

The Detour- Première in Tallinn on the 29th September 2011 19:00
Port of Tallinn (EST)
Terminal A
Tallinn, Estonia
Free Entrance

The Detour
Thu 29.09.2011, at 19:00

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