Art bikes at the Turku Fair and Conference Center

The Art bicycles with the designs of support artists will be auctioned for charity and the money will be donated to children's homes in Turku. 

The bike artists are Saara Ekström, Jukka Hyytiäinen, Benjamin Orlow, Ann Sundholm, Mika Natri, Heini Aho, Sebastian Ziegler and IC-98. Helkama Oy and Pyöräpalvelu Berggren have donated the bikes.

The Art bikes are on display at the Turku Fair and Conference Center next to the Energia stage, in the C hall. The bikes will be presented on stage on Thursday at 5 pm, on Friday at 6.30 pm, on Saturday and Sunday at 11 am and on Monday at 12pm.


Offers can also be sent via email to Paula Väisänen or by phone 044 907 5986. The start prize is 800 € and the minimum raise is 20 euros.

Taidepyöriä ja pyörätaiteilijoita


Thu 18.08.2011 - Mon 22.08.2011

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