Archipelago Science Fiction

Archipelago Science Fiction is a new work by the artists Tellervo Kalleinen, Oliver Kochta-Kalleinen and Henrik Andersson for the exhibition Contemporary Art Archipelago (CAA).

Questionnaire (please fill in by 6.1.2010):

As noone can tell how things will really be in a hundred years, there are no boundaries set for your imagination!


Welcome to the workshops:

Fri 7.1.2011 at 12-17 Korpo, hotel Nestor

Sat 8.1.2011 at 12-16 Utö, Hembygdsgården

Tue 11.1.2011 at 16-20 Houtskär, Folkhögskolan

Based on the questionnaire and interviews three workshops are organised with the locals. The future visions are worked on together over a lunch or dinner.

Please email or call us if you would like to join  any of the workshops, free of charge!


Act in the films!

During Spring 2011 we will film the fantasies with the locals as actors. The films will capture scenarios that combine the thoughts, fear and wishes of many archipelago residents. The first filming will take place during 16.-22.3., followed by another session later on.

Everyone interested is welcome and promised an unforgettable experience! All the participants will get a DVD of the short films produced.


Further information and registration for the workshops:

Lotta Petronella (CAA) // 0400-954047


Background information:

As we also live on an island, we have been increasingly interested on the island as a space where the individual and the community have a special relationship. The island as a home creates a stronger bond between the local residents than the mainland. The island identity is something that connects, also across the isles. In Turku archipelago we are, furthermore, fascinated by the fact that all the numerous islands seem to have very distinct own identities.

- Tellervo Kalleinen, Oliver Kochta-Kalleinen & Henrik Andersson


More on the artists:

Contemporary Art Archipelago (CAA)
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