(Aesth)ethics: Encounters with nature

Fri 5.8.2011  at 10am - 4pm   Archipelago Centre Korpoström

CAA series of discussions addresses the future of the archipelago from the perspectives of contemporary art, science and the everyday. The next event focuses on the archipelago landscape.

    May the freedom associated with islands be a trap? What is landscape     friendly food? How to take care of nature at home and underwater? Or,     should we let nature take its own course?

Contemporary art does not merely picture or capture the landscape. It opens up different views into the environment and our relationship with it. The art works in CAA exhibition open up novel views into the landscape, as keys into the unique nature and life on the islands. The works tell about their surroundings powered by the wind, as reflected in water and mirrors, with letters across the isles and through science fiction stories. The artists have posed unexpected questions:
How to do creative work in the midst of nature? How to connect and make use of the recently disserted military bunkers and the sheep required for the landscape management? Can technology, social conventions and basic services become extinct? What could reflect the precarious relationship between man and the Baltic Sea better than salt?

As a starter for the discussion we place on the table the seriously undervalued so-called trash-fish as well as the cattle grazing the island meadows. What we choose to put on our plates has a considerable impact on the landscape. This is the argument put forward by Arja Lehtimäki's work Mat med vyer (Foodscape), which is realised in collaboration with five restaurants across the islands. From food the discussion moves on to other works in the CAA exhibition. Participating in the debate alongside the artists are, amongst others, philosopher Antony Fredriksson and the curator of contemporary art Tomas Träskman as well as specialists in food and landscape.

The event is open for public.
The discussion takes place in Finnish, Swedish and English. Lunch at your own cost.
Free bus transport between Turku and Korpoström.

Further information and registration for the bus transport by Mon 1.8.: info@contemporaryartarchipelago.fi

Contemporary Art Archipelago (CAA)
Fri 05.08.2011, at 10:00 - at 16:00

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