13.09.2011 - 00:45

The last etappe after North America was through Northwest Europe. The flight from San Diego took me to Duesseldorf, Germany after which I aimed back to Turku. 

Rainy weather made this stretch challenging, yet no bigger problems occured during my last 1570km. Adding this amount in to the total distance I had cycled, the number will be about 21 500km. 

The last countries I visited were Germany, the Netherlands, Denmark and Sweden. The same day I arrived to Turku, I got a really nice welcoming smiles from the Turku2011 stuff. For this, and for all the help I've got from Turku2011 -project, I'm very grateful. Thank you for following my blog and enjoy the rest of the cultural year in Turku.



ps. all pics are taken by Nokia N8

09.08.2011 - 01:48

Unfortunately my Nokia phone got stolen in Bolivia. It had my pictures from crossing the Andes, and before I got a new camera device, I was already in Boston, MA. That's why I had to skip South America (part2) post, and just do the North America part. 

After Brazil I continued to Paraguay, North Argentina, North Chile, Bolivia and Southern Peru. I took a flight from Lima to Montreal on June 2nd. From Montreal I cycled to NYC via Quebec and Boston.

In New York I got visitors from Finland, my best buddies, with whom we rented a car and drove it to Los Angeles. This was my one month holiday from cycling, after which I continued to San Diego for the flight back to Europe.

My trip will continue soon with the last etappe from Germany back to Turku. I'll be back home in September.

ps. All pics are taken by Nokia N8

25.03.2011 - 07:43

From Kuala Lumpur my World tour continued to South America. I packed my bicycle in a box, and took a long flight to Buenos Aires.

First I didn't know which direction I should start pedaling. Patagonia was one of the option, but after I heard how hard the north wind is, I was left with only two options. To Santiago in Chile, or to Brazil via Uruguay.

Well, Carnival was coming up so I decided to do the second option, and cycled along the coast to Curitiba. From Curitiba I cut to inland to Iguazu waterfalls. So these are the photos from Buenos Aires (and surroundings), Uruguay and Brazil (Rio grande do Sul, Santa Catarina and Parana). Enjoy.



ps. All pictures are taken by me with Nokia mini97 mobile phone if not mentioned otherwise.