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Welcome to the opening of the CAA exhibtion!

The official opening of the exhibition Contemporary Art Archipelago (CAA) is held at the Archipelago Centre Korpoström on Saturday 18th June 2011.

CAA brings to Turku Archipelago over 20 new art works by international and local artists. The exhibition is the largest contemporary art project in the Turku 2011 European Capital of Culture programme.

Free bus transport is organized between Turku and Korpoström. The art works along the route will be introduced. The bus leaves from Turku at 11am, from outside the Orthodox church by the Turku market square. Return from Korpoström leaves at 6pm.

Comics Hit the Streets

The Come Across Comics project will bring comics to new surroundings

As the summer gets closer, you may come across some peculiar signs along the streets and in the parks. The signs won’t be there to forbid you from walking on the grass, but rather they’ll invite you to take a peek at contemporary Finnish comics.
Organised by the Turun Sarjakuvakerho (Turku Comics Club), the Come Across Comics project will bring comics to new surroundings. These signs – including one frame each and resembling traffic signs – will become part of the Turku cityscape for the duration of the summer.

Attend a plant swap & help rescue endangered sea grass!


This invitation is for you who live in the Turku Archipelago. You are invited to participate by sending in cuttings from houseplants by post. In exchange of the cuttings you will receive a souvenir from the project. For each donated houseplant cutting a patch of sea grass will be transplanted at the bottom of the archipelago sea. 

The aim of the project is to shed light on a biotope in danger of extinction, the

Follow the process of CAA exhibition!

In the CAA blog now a collection of stories from the past year of the artists' first encounters  with the Turku archipelago, research trips together with the navy, the pilots or fishermen, etc.

During the Spring the blog follows the production of various new art works, from short films to local food.

The Contemporary Art Arhipelago blog

The date has been changed!


(Aesth)ethics: Encounters with nature 

Fri 5.8.2011 at the Archipelago Centre Korpoström

What is the value of the landscape? How is nature today encountered as sacred? What is the freedom associated with it? What is untouched nature? How do the responsibilities and potential, both as individuals and as a community, entwine in our relation to it?

Contemporary Art Archipelago (CAA) discussions

Archipelago Science Fiction Blog


What do you fear or hope for, or what would be the most surprising thing that could happen? Archipelago Science Fiction is a new work by the artists Tellervo Kalleinen, Oliver Kochta-Kalleinen and Henrik Andersson for the exhibition Contemporary Art Archipelago (CAA).


The artists collected future visions from the archipelago residents and organised three workshops for the locals in Korpo, Utö and Houtskär in January 2011. The scenarios are now being turned into scripts for short films in the blog:

During Spring 2011 we will film the fantasies with the locals as actors. The films will capture scenarios that combine the thoughts, fear and wishes of many archipelago residents. The first filming will take place in May.

Priit Pärn to Launch the Animate Exhibition Series

The Animate exhibition series in the Darkroom at the Turku Art Museum will get off to a flying start with work by the Estonian animation director Priit Pärn, one of the foremost animation artists in the world.

Pärn’s drawings and prints have featured in many exhibitions, and he is also known as an illustrator. Work in the animation studio launched Pärn on an international career as animation director.

Although Priit Pärn has taught animation in many schools and institutions all over the world, he considers Turku his second home, having taught animation here from 1994 up to 2007. Pärn played a crucial role in establishing the international reputation of animation training in the Turku Arts Academy.


Welcome to explore Turku archipelago with new contemporary art works as your guides this summer, from Saturday 18th June! 155 days to go to the opening of the Contemporary Art Archipelago (CAA) exhibition, which will spread across the isles from Ruissalo to Utö, along the roads and marine routes.

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Archipelago Science Fiction

Archipelago Science Fiction is a new work by the artists Tellervo Kalleinen, Oliver Kochta-Kalleinen and Henrik Andersson for the exhibition Contemporary Art Archipelago (CAA).

Questionnaire (please fill in by 6.1.2010):

As noone can tell how things will really be in a hundred years, there are no boundaries set for your imagination!


Welcome to the workshops:

Fri 7.1.2011 at 12-17 Korpo, hotel Nestor


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