Teatterisilta bridge

The last weekend of Turku 2011 was created with light and fire

About 15,000 artists, workers, and volunteers have taken part in implementing the Turku Capital of Culture year. All the people who have participated in the events of the year have also for their part been involved in the building of the successful year. It has been time for acknowledgements and thanks.

All Turku residents were invited to celebrate the Capital of Culture year Thank you weekend 17 - 18 December, which was organised on the banks of the River Aura, which have become the pulsating heart of our city and its culture. The acknowledgement weekend consisted of suitable for Yuletide, heart warming pieces of atmosphere.

River Aura

Symphonic Sounds of River Aura

The first version of the River Aura Symphony, based on ship signalling devices and church bells, will be performed at the opening ceremony of the European Capital of Culture year.

Sound artist Simo Alitalo long dreamt of composing a work for the ships and other sound sources of River Aura. The idea got started in the city of St John in Newfoundland, Canada, where an annual lunch concert is performed with ship whistles.

“The River Aura setting seemed to offer potential for a similar work,” says Alitalo.

“The River Aura Symphony will thus debut on the opening day of the European Capital of Culture year, and it will also be performed in a slightly different form in the spring and summer.